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ISSN: 2255-534X
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January - March 2018
Vol. 83. Num. 1.
Pages 1-76
The Revista de Gastroenterología de México (Mexican Journal of Gastroenterology) is the official publication of the Asociación Mexicana de Gastroenterología (Mexican Association of Gastroenterology). Its pages are open to the members of the Association, as well as to all members of the medical community interested in using this forum to publish their articles in accordance with the journal editorial policies. The principal aim of the journal is to publish original work in the broad field of Gastroenterology, as well as to provide information on the specialty and related areas that is up-to-date and relevant. The scientific works include the areas of Clinical, Endoscopic, Surgical, and Pediatric Gastroenterology, along with related disciplines. The journal accepts original articles, scientific letters, review articles, clinical guidelines, consensuses, editorials, letters to the Editors, brief communications, and clinical images in Gastroenterology in Spanish and English for their publication.

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Vol. 83. Num. 1. January - March 2018 Pages 1-76
This is the last issue available in English language
EditorialOriginal Articles
Difference of achalasia subtypes based on clinical symptoms, radiographic findings, and stasis scores
A. Meillier, D. Midani, D. Caroline, M. Saadi, H. Parkman, R. Schey
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:3-8
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Effect of a high-protein, high-fiber diet plus supplementation with branched-chain amino acids on the nutritional status of patients with cirrhosis
A. Ruiz-Margáin, R.U. Macías-Rodríguez, S.L. Ríos-Torres, B.M. Román-Calleja, O. Méndez-Guerrero, P. Rodríguez-Córdova, A. Torre
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:9-15
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Approach, attitudes, and knowledge of general practitioners in relation to Helicobacter pylori is inadequate. There is much room for improvement!
A.D. Cano-Contreras, O. Rascón, M. Amieva-Balmori, S. Ríos-Gálvez, Y.J. Maza, A. Meixueiro-Daza, F. Roesch-Dietlen, J.M. Remes-Troche
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:16-24
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Barrett's esophagus: Ten years of experience at a tertiary care hospital center in Mexico
F. Valdovinos-Andraca, A.R. Bernal-Méndez, R. Barreto-Zúñiga, D. Briseño-García, J.A. Martínez-Lozano, A.F. Romano-Munive, J. Elizondo-Rivera, F.I. Téllez-Ávila
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:25-30
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Double-balloon enteroscopy: Indications, approaches, diagnostic and therapeutic yield, and safety. Early experience at a single center
J.J.E. García-Correa, J.J. Ramírez-García, L.F. García-Contreras, C. Fuentes-Orozco, L. Irusteta-Jiménez, L.R. Michel-Espinoza, A.S. Carballo Uribe, J.A. Torres Chávez, A. González-Ojeda
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:31-40
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Review article
Present and past perspectives on Clostridium difficile infection
D.A. Álvarez-Hernández, A.M. González-Chávez, D. González-Hermosillo-Cornejo, G.A. Franyuti-Kelly, A. Díaz-Girón-Gidi, R. Vázquez-López
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:41-50
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Guidelines and Consensus Statements
Mexican consensus on lysosomal acid lipase deficiency diagnosis
R. Vázquez-Frias, J.E. García-Ortiz, P.F. Valencia-Mayoral, G.E. Castro-Narro, P.G. Medina-Bravo, Y. Santillán-Hernández, J. Flores-Calderón, R. Mehta, C.A. Arellano-Valdés, L. Carbajal-Rodríguez, J.I. Navarrete-Martínez, M.L. Urbán-Reyes, M.T. Valadez-Reyes, F. Zárate-Mondragón, A. Consuelo-Sánchez
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:51-61
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Clinical images in gastroenterology
Serrated polyposis syndrome
N. González, M. Caballero, C. Cannesa
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:62-3
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Annular pancreas. An unusual intraoperative finding
Z. Botello-Hernández, R.A. Fuentes-Reyes, O. Chapa-Azuela
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:64-5
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A rare cause of dyspepsia
A. Guzmán-Lepe, J.A. Velarde Ruiz-Velasco, E. Navarro-del Río
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:66-8
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Scientific Letters
Granular cell tumor of the esophagus
C.B. González-Sánchez, J.O. Alonso-Lárraga, A. Maldonado Vázquez, C. Gallegos-Garza, F.A. Castillo González
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:69-70
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Olmesartan-associated sprue-like enteropathy: An emerging cause of drug-induced chronic diarrhea
G. Solano-Iturri, N. García-Jiménez, J.D. Solano-Iturri, S. Blanco-Sampascual
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:71-2
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Gastric glomangioma, differential diagnosis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
E. Rosales-López, J.C. Salceda-Otero, D. Angulo-Molina, J.A. Posada-Torres, M.G. Canchola-Aguilar, D. Lozoya-Gonzalez
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:72-4
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Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage in malignant distal obstruction of the common bile duct
A. Membrillo-Romero, M.L. Altamirano-Castañeda, A. Muñoz-Bautista
Rev Gastroenterol Mex 2018;83:75-6
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